Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear God, Maks I've missed you!

I almost forgot the password to this blog. I've been taking writing classes but can not remain silent any longer. I must log my thoughts of my beloved "Ladies and Gentlemen this is Dancing With The Stars!" I put last season behind me and have moved on, I am back to being a huge fan. After seeing Maks rip his shirt off, who wouldn't? Was he dancing with someone? Probably Kirstie Alley but I didn't see her during that dance, he had leather pants on, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I've watched it about 17 times.

I want Kendra to go home tonight. Why? Because after watching all of the 11 and half seasons, I have never heard a woman on the show blame a bad dance on her period. Gah! Graciously go home Kendra. In case the definition of gracious escapes you, here you go: pleasantly kind and courteous. Go, go, go.

Petra should be limited to 2 sentences at a time or be interviewed by somebody competent, like not Brooke. Please let this be Brooke Burkes last season.

Hines Ward, he's doing very well but he's a Pittsburgh Steeler and I want him to fail miserably, then I'll start waving a towel around. I don't know who that cute little Chelsea is but she's with Mark and I hate him. Who else is left? Oh the Karate Kid, Ralph, I like him. He's really good with the ballroom dances but he has no hip action. Bruno wants to see sex for those Latin dances. You hear me, sex! Then we have Master Do Wop Diddy Wop Wop's son Romeo and he's doing a 100% better job than his father, which let's face it, not difficult since no one has ever received 2's before in the entire history of the show, ever. And we have Chris Jericho left, I didn't like him at first but he's starting to grow on me and the judges are pleasantly surprise.

So let's see if I can keep up with this blog, Farvel Cargo, http://www.skirt.com/ which I'm suppose to be blogging for and school. What a drag having to go to work everyday.

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