Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Bull-Crap

You'd think I'd have more time to post with nothing on TV in the summer. Wait a minute........ I blog about television, there's nothing on television.........
You can see where I'm having the problem. Actually the husband has taken control over the remote this summer and who can blame the poor guy after last fall and my wild viewing schedule.
I wouldn't mind watching America's Got Talent, because let's face it, it's a bloggers dream. I watched the last seven minutes of it last week and realized what a hyped-up, phoney baloney, plastic banana, load of crap show it was - only seven minutes. There's the audience cheering their heads off for someone who is suppose to be unknown, yet they knew his name. We, the viewing audience are told his life story. He was left raising his brothers and sisters after his mother left them, because she was being abused by the father. I'll let that sink in a minute..........

She left her children with their abusive father, got it?

I don't even know this guys name, but he's about to make it big on America's Got Talent and guess what? Momma came home! Awesome!

It's that kind of bull-crap I'm missing every Tuesday night.

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ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Well that's pretty darned depressing. Why would you leave your children with a guy that abuses you? Nevermind that he's the dad. That's when you haul ass at midnight and keep going until you hit the border.