Friday, July 18, 2008

Exorcism Squads

I heard on the news today that Pope Benedict XVI has said there needs to be more exorcisms performed in the world. Well it's about damn time. I haven't seen a good exorcism since about 1973. This is good news for entertainment bloggers, there's nothing on TV in the summer.
Of course we'll need a few volunteers to film the live exorcisms and post them on YouTube. I'm a little skittish or I would do it. The news failed to tell us when the barrage of exorcisms would start, I would imagine there is some recruiting and training involved. You really don't see exorcist on many resumes. Nevertheless be on the look-out for an Exorcist Squad coming to your town this summer.


cardiogirl said...

My sister has been acting sort of strange, particularly since she decided I was misinterpreting her husband's sexual advances and the letter he wrote me about starting an affair.

She and her husband are still together. But they left the Catholic church.

I wonder if she would be up for an exorcism.

I know I would love to watch her on YouTube.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Uh yeah, I think I'd stay clear of the exorcism squad. LOL Hey did you hear the X Files is coming back?

Sue said...

Hey cardiogirl I'll see if I can find some exorcism guidelines to see if we need to sign your sister up for an exorcism review. You can never be to careful. Please let us know if her head starts to spin around and do film it!

Sue said...

Shae - Shae, I want to see the new X - Files movie! The husband won't take me, he didn't like the first movie.
I'm not going by myself so you will have to go with me! I'll buy the tickets, you get the popcorn.