Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rest in Peace

I had the privilege of speaking at my mother-in-laws funeral service today. The following is what I wrote. I hope comfort comes to my family through this difficult time:

They say children are a reflection of their parents. If that is true then these first few rows of people here are one of the feistiest, hard headed, stubborn group you could ever run across.

I’m sure Mom Seese is standing at the pearly gates directing the souls that pass through to their assigned spot in heaven. Telling them the best way to get there and where they should park.

Our family is a lively bunch but along with learning the art of being heard, mom and dad Seese taught us the importance of family. We learned how to build a strong marriage and from that strength we built our own families. As we grew Mom Seese embraced each addition with love and pride.

You might feel an empty space in your heart today. So try to remember Thelma Seese had a smile that could light up a room. She had a strong shoulder to comfort anyone. She had patience to listen to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and her extended families. Fill that empty space you have in your heart with the memories of Thelma Seese’s smile, the joy she had for everyone who had the honor of knowing her.

Mom is with Dad Seese, her daughter Becky and the rest of her loved ones she has been waiting to reunite with. Be happy to know she is at peace. Fill your heart with love because that is what she would have wanted.


Diane Carlisle said...

Many prayers to you and your family, Sue! Know that your voice is an inspiration lost had you remained silent. What a lovely gift you have given with your words.

Sue said...

Thank you Diane.

AFord said...

A beautiful tribute, Sue! Your endearing words and fond memories are a lasting treasure. Happy/safe March to you.

Sue said...

Thank you Alan.