Saturday, February 18, 2012

Because of what you said

This months blog chain assignment.

This month's prompt:

Second Chances

Again, go wherever the prompt takes you. It can be fiction or non-fiction; the second chance in question can be a mushy valentine or a 1-up in Super Mario (or anything in between).

Long ago I was given a clear message by a total stranger. I think of her more and more as the years go by and wonder if she has any idea how she impacted my life. I don't think she does. I write about it often, this is my short and sweet version:

It’s been at least 30 years since last we spoke, your face has faded in my memory. Did you have short brown hair? I think you did. I would not be able to pick you out in a crowd and I don’t know your name. But I would like to thank you because of what you said.

When I found you sitting on the windowsill at the top of the stairs you told me you had to rest and asked me to join you. Out the window the sun was shining at it’s brightest just before it set. I had the choice to squint into it or look down the dark stairwell. But then you began to speak, drawing my attention to you, having me look neither left or right but straight ahead. That was why I was there, to listen to what you had to say. Because sometimes when we are young a stranger will tell you things you already know but they can find the crack in the wall you’ve put up to ignore those that love you.

My life was going in the wrong direction and I didn’t think I had the strength to stop it. The words of your journey mirrored mine, you couldn’t have been much older than me but you had made the mistake I was about to make. I don’t know what brought us together that day but because of what you said, you change my life.

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Rafael said...

Great, but I wonder what the message was that had such a great impact.

orion_mk3 said...

Aw, very sweet and sentimental! Care to reveal any more about this good influence, or does the piece work better if they and their advice are an enigma?

Sue said...

Rafeal and orion - I was vague on purpose, somethings we do as teenagers are better left unsaid.

Julz Perri said...

I love the vague ambiguity of this post. It's great :) I love that the message was also short and succinct and I feel like I was there experiencing it with you.

How lucky for you to have this awesome experience.

Julz xx

Diane Carlisle said...

Very intriguing!

Alan said...

Hi Sue!

Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post, and the value humans have to impact one another in a positive light. Happy the encounter helped influence your own life in a meaningful way. Cheers : )

Sue said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I often wonder if I've ever influenced someone like my stranger did me.

Rin said...

Thanks for this! and I second Orion - I'm now very curious as to what piece of advice this stranger gave you? :)

~Charity~ said...

Thanks for sharing. Situations like yours amaze me- sometimes we find just what we need when we aren't even looking.

Dan Clarke said...

A hint of the message would have been nice, not an outright telling, just a small hint.
But I like the message of how really listening to someone can change your life. Too many people never listen to what is said.

randi lee said...

Awesome story, Sue! I especially love the beginning. You pulled me in from the first sentence. I also feel the present tense fits this story really well. Thanks for the great read!


Julz Perri said...

Hi there!

I enjoy reading your blog, so I tagged you in my 'lucky 7 meme'! If you're not too familiar with it, feel free to head on over to my blog post that explains it a little better;

I realise I'm blindsiding you so feel free to not commit if you're swamped.